The Summer Institute of Politics (SIP) is an academic organization, founded by the US-based Georgian political scientist, Dr. Vasili Rukhadze, who is the institute’s current director.

SIP offers a two-week-long intensive academic course on political leadership to current university students and university graduates in Georgia. The institute’s primary goal is to help create a new generation of democratic leaders in the country.

The full course includes eight lecture-seminars. Lecture-seminars are held in Tbilisi, Georgia in May-June of every year. Each lecture lasts for 150 minutes, four days a week, from Tuesday to Friday, during evening hours. Lectures encompass the themes essential for the formation of a political leader: individual character of a leader, techniques for forming a political organization, methods for conducting electoral campaign, strategies for building and managing state institutions, nature of critical reforms, tools for media relations, crisis management, and other important aspects of political leadership. Lecture-seminars rely on the works of the greatest political scientists, statesmen, and philosophers of the ancient and modern world.

Lectures are accompanied by political simulation-games, which will help students absorb and put to practice theoretical knowledge and information received in class. The course does not envisage mandatory reading or written assignments.

SIP applicants are selected based on a two-stage rigorous competition. After receiving application packages, an admissions committee will determine the winners of the first round. In the second round, the committee will hold skype-interviews with the winners of the first round and select final winners.

Admitted applicants are notified about exact dates and place of lecture-seminars no later than 70 calendar days before the commencement of the course.

Graduates of SIP will receive a formal certificate of graduation.